about topher.

Hey there, Topher here. I photograph people a lot. A lot of the times of people in costumes, sometimes people in love. If I’m not photographing, I’m probably designing something for people to see, wear, or experience (who could also be either in costume and/or in love).

But I know your mind isn’t on that right now. Your first question is probably “How did you end up going as Topher?” And the most honest and simplest way of answering that question is: Try sharing the same name with 5 other Christopher’s in your class all through middle school/high school.

Anyway, you’re interested in learning more about me, eh? Bios are a funny thing to write because on one hand, you have to hype yourself out as the best creative person on the planet. But on the other, you have to stay humble and still emotionally connect with the client reading this right now so they know there’s a personality behind the mind. With that being said, I guess you can say my goal in life is to wake up every day and create something new that clients can be happy about and that is something I can believe in. Photography and design is my passion and what keeps me going everyday to be the best person out there to capture and create your vision.

I am Topher Oriel. And I live to create.